Survey Monuments

Here is a collection of interesting monuments that we have found over the years.

Rancho Chimiles Corner C5 Napa County CA.

This monument was originally a post set in a mound in the 1860’s.

Rancho Corner Napa County CA






EN Eager Iron Pipe Solano County CA

Here is a wooden pile stub found in Solano County CA from a 1939 Survey.

Pile Stub Solano County CA

Township Corner Napa / Solano County Line Near Wooden Valley
Section Corner Solano County
Iron Pipe LS 1880 Napa County
Rock Ledge Marked SC by Solano County Surveyor E.N. Eager in 1898. Accessory to Section Corner
U.S.G.S. Benchmark Blue Ridge Napa County
Section Corner Suisun Marsh